fall-2008-concert-1The Symphonic Band Club was formed in 2008 by two students, Adrian Cosstick and Cat Zheng with the goal of providing a fun, casual, and inclusive environment for non-music students to play their instruments. The ensemble also provides students studying music education at McGill an opportunity to gain valuable non-credit field experience. Pictured above are the founding members at the first concert in the Fall of 2008. The group has grown steadily from just over 20 students to an ensemble of 50-70 from faculties outside music.

The SBC is a wind band open to all who play traditional band instruments from piccolo to tuba – no auditions required! We rehearse weekly to perform ~6 medium difficulty pieces at the end of every semester. Past repertoire has included everything from World of Warcraft to Wagner. Musicians are also encouraged to set up their own small ensembles.

Fall 2018

The Band also provides social opportunities for our members, we regularly organize outings and other events throughout the year. These include a meet n greet at the beginning of the year, movie nights, attending concerts, and the traditional end-of-semester band dinner!

If you’re interested in joining, see the contact us page.

Back, left to right: Megan, Mila, Sofia, Jada, Chloe, Colin, Sofiya

Front: Riley, Colby, Jessie, Kenneth, Juliet

The Executive, just like the rest of the band, is made of students from across different Faculties, Departments, Academic Interests, and Backgrounds. We’re here to make sure everyone feels welcome and has fun, no matter they’re level of musical training or expertise. Scroll down to learn a little bit more about each of us!

President: Jessie, Environment & Development (Flute)
Secretary: Kenneth, Physiology (Trumpet)
Treasurer: Megan, Physiology (Clarinet)
Librarian: Chloe, Trombone Performance (Tuba)
VP Large Events: Riley, Chemistry (Clarinet)
VP Small Events: Mila, Physiology and Physics (Clarinet)
VP Advertising: Jada, English (Flute)
Member at Large: Colby, French Translation (Piccolo & Flute)
Member at Large: Sofia, Pharmacology (Flute)
Conductor: Colin, Music and Education
Conductor: Juliet, Horn Performance
Conductor: Sofiya, Music and Education